Change Events

Which of the following best describes the therapist theme expanding attachment related affect?

Which of the following best illustrates a typical therapist heightening response when working from within the expanding attachment-related affect theme?

Which choice best surmises how the therapist seeks to experientially reenter this partner’s position in the cycle?

Write an evocative response to Jon’s last statement. The objective is to get Jon presently experiencing what he is describing.

Write a response that first heightens Jon’s statement. The goal is to expand his present experiencing. Follow that with an evocative response that checks in with him to be sure you are on track

Write a response that uses Jon’s own words to continue expanding his present experiencing of his withdrawn position in the relationship.

Choose the heightening responses from the list below: (more than one correct answer)

In the therapist’s first response above, what is the name of the intervention used?

In the therapist’s second response above, what intervention is used?

In the vignette on page 205, circle each occurrence of primary emotion. Clients often do not use actual word labels such as “sad,” etc. Be sure to circle implicit referrals or metaphors alluding to emotional states. “The sky seems so dark,” for example, would be a metaphor describing sadness. Compare your response to the one provided in the Answer Section.

Which of the following best describes the goals of the expanding attachment-related affect theme?

Choose the EFT restructuring interactions intervention from the list below that might be the therapist’s next step in the previous example:

Select the response below that validates and expands Jon’s immediate and burgeoning fear of turning and sharing with Rosalita before he’s again asked to directly share.

Looking at your own response above, list the EFT interventions you employed. When finished, compare and contrast your chosen interventions with typical ones listed in the answer section.

Choose the best answer. In the above segment the therapist is:

Jon’s previous sharing of his attachment fears and needs with Rosalita is presented above. In preparation for processing with Rosalita, go back and underline all of the instances where Jon shares his primary emotion and associated metaphors. When finished, circle where Jon is stating and asking for his attachment wants/needs to be met. When finished, compare your answer to those provided in the answers section.

The therapist picks up on Rosalita’s sadness for Jon and recognizes the compassion she is feeling for him in the moment. Choose the best restructuring interaction from the list below.

Choose the reframing in the context of attachment needs and wants intervention from the list below

In the segment above the therapist is primarily: