EFT Couple therapy Switzerland

EFT Couple Therapy Switzerland

We support safe, resilient and successful relationships between life partners by facilitating and promoting access to Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in Switzerland. 

Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, EFT is a systematic, well-researched and empirically validated treatment method that has proven to be highly effective in helping couples in emotional distress. In this model, the therapist helps a couple to recognize and change destructive negative cycles within their relationship, while strengthening the emotional bond between the partners. The approach is structured and process-oriented, with a typical duration of 8-20 sessions.

EFT has no connection to the "emotional freedom technique" or "tapping", which uses the same abbreviation.

The aim of EFT Couple Therapy Switzerland is to network therapists who offer emotion-focused couples therapy, according to Sue Johnson. In addition, EFT should become better known among professionals and our network should grow, which is why further training events are organised. In August 2021 the Externship, which forms the basis of the EFT training, and in October 2021 the Core Skills training will take place. These are aimed at professionals who have already completed an externship.

Couples seeking support in their relationship can also find more information about EFT and professionals working with this model on this page.