Core Skills Advanced Training Lausanne

Training in emotionally focused couple therapy in Lausanne

Core Skills Advanced Training

If you have completed the basic training (Externship) and are interested in strengthening the core competencies essential to the practice of EFT, you can take part in the Core Skills series of two four-day workshops. In this small group experience, participants will have the opportunity to share their practical experience throughout the training, focusing on developing a deeper clinical understanding of the EFT model and associated skills. By observing and discussing the work of the moderators and group members and by using role-playing games, the three stages and nine steps are explored in detail. Learning takes place in an atmosphere of security and helpfulness. The is offered as two four-day workshops, which keep the same group throughout, so it is not possible to participate for only a portion of the specified time.

The Core Skills Advanced Training part of the certification consists of a total of 8 days (52 hours), usually 2 x 4 days, in a group of maximum 12 people. Approximately 6.5 hours are worked per day.



1st block (core skills 1 + 2): November 14 - 17, 2018


Location: Grandvaux

Trainer: Alexine Thompson


 In the Core Skills Training you will learn:

  • Detailed presentation and discussion of the EFT model
  • Tracking down and deepening emotions in the here and now  
  • Creating bonding events
  • Demonstration and practice of techniques using film footage, role-playing and possibly live sessions.
  • Discussion of presented EFT cases from the participants’ clinical practice

Target group

Specialists with basic medical, psychotherapeutic or psychosocial education who have already successfully completed the EFT basic training (Externship). It is necessary to work with couples and to bring video material from your own sessions. At least one case presentation is required.


Attention: ICEEFT limits the number of participants to a maximum of 12 persons.

Participation fee: CHF 1100 per block (4 days)

This training is a Core Skills Training recognized by ICEEFT and is a further component of the certification. Here you will find further information on all the modules of the training course in EFT couple therapy. Please note the specific ICEEFT certification requirements.


The training is supported by the Swiss Society for EFT. EFT-CH members receive a price reduction of CHF 50.