2-day course: working with ADHD-impacted couples through the EFT lens

The ICEEFT-approved masterclass "ADHD through the attachment filter" focuses on navigating ADHD couples through EFT to help them create connection, trust, and safety. The two-day training teaches participants to recognize and lead the tango with these couples. The course covers recognizing ADHD symptoms and their effects on relationships, helping partners externalize the problem and understand its role in their cycle, identifying the primary emotions of ADHD couples, and applying EFT principles for de-escalation and integrating psychoeducational and normalizing information in sessions. Video clips of standard EFT interventions will be used. The case where the therapist is ADHD affected will also be looked at.



is an ICEEFT certified EFT supervisor and trainer, clinical psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist in Switzerland. As an EFT trainer for Switzerland, Alexine has a passionate interest in ADHD and has been learning to identify and treat relationships affected by this disorder for several years. By following the proven EFT approach, she helps these couples to develop compassion for each other and to understand that they are both sufferers of this diagnosis. Alexine will teach in English and French.

Thompson-de Benoit Alexine

Ben Kneubühler

is a psychotherapist, sexologist and ICEEFT certified EFT supervisor and EFT trainer in training in Switzerland. In addition to working with couples, he has led therapy groups and coaching sessions for clients diagnosed with ADHD for many years. He is passionate about the diverse abilities and uniqueness that these people bring to our world. Ben will teach in English and German.

Learning goals

  • Recognise the symptoms of ADHD and understand how the "ADHD brain" works.
  • Recognise the manifestations of ADHD in couple dynamics and its impact on romantic relationships.
  • Identify how partners externalise the problem and understand the role ADHD plays in their cycle.
  • Identify primary emotions that are typical of couples with ADHD.
  • Describe the EFT principles for working towards de-escalation while incorporating psychoeducational and normalising information into interventions.
  • Know the EFT principles for all three phases of EFT treatment for ADHD and what additional interventions are helpful and resourceful for the couple.
Date:Wednesday, October 2, 2024
Thursday, October 3, 2024
Monday, October 7, 2024
Tuesday, October 8, 2024
Time:3 Hours/ Day (Timeframe ca. 5:00 PM to approximately 8:00 PM (CET/CEST) 11:00 AM to approximately 2:00 PM (EST))
Place:Online in Zoom
Target group:EFT therapists, who have completed at least the basic training (Externship).
Language:English will be translated simultaneously (d/f). Practice groups will be divided by language.
$ 400 Regular price
$ 360 Early-Bird price until 01.07.2024)
$ 320 Student admission 
  To enable all participants to plan well, the registration deadline is 29. September 2024.

Conditions of participation:

By completing and submitting this document, I officially register for the EFT and ADHD Day on 02. - 08. October 2024 in Zurich. The registration is binding. If I am unable to attend, I will be liable for the full costs unless a substitute can be found. If the training does not take place, or if all places are taken, you will be notified by 29. September 2024. Full payment is due by July 31st for early bird fee, and by September 20th for regular feeThe zoom link and the PDF of the class will be sent to you the week before class starts. Please make sure you are aware that Switzerland is 9 hours ahead of PST and 6 hours ahead of EST.