Finding a therapist

Find a therapist

We support safe, resilient and successful couples' relationships by facilitating and promoting access to emotionally focused therapy - EFT in Switzerland. Fortunately, there are more and more professionals in Switzerland who have received further training in EFT. Here you will find a suitable therapist.
Our "Hold me tight®" weekend seminars, which are currently offered in Zurich, Berne, Lucerne and Lausanne, are also very popular. Hold me tight® is based on EFT and is suitable for couples who want to strengthen their bond. It is also frequently visited for the prevention of partnership crises. In a manageable group of 4-10 couples, discussions are encouraged to deepen the bond on the basis of the EFT model. Knowledge transfer and discussions in the plenum alternate with exercises in pairs. Two therapists support the couples in their work.
EFT therapists who would like to be included on the list and/or are interested in exchanging ideas with colleagues can register here.