Self of therapist: Overcoming blocks in the therapy process

Self of therapist: Overcoming blocks in the therapy process

How can I regulate myself and overcome my own blocks in order to stay attuned to the client's emotions?

We all have raw spots. During the sessions with our couples it is not uncommon for them to be touched and for us to loose focus. How can we overcome these moments of emotional dysregulation in order to help our clients in their own emotional regulation? 
This dig-in day will allow us to explore these questions and work on the blocks we all experience at some point in our sessions. We will work on key moments of stage 1 and 2, with the help of videos, role-plays and small group discussions. The training is open to professionals with knowledge of EFT couple therapy (at least 4 days of basic training) who want to improve their clinical skills and get to know themselves better.
This workshop will be held by Alexine Thompson-de-Benoit 
Date: September 24, 2020
Place: Zurich
Duration: 6 hours (period approx. 9:00 to 16:30)
Language: English
Price: CHF 250*
The day only takes place if there are enough registrations. If there are too many interested parties, the receipt of the registration will be taken into account. Registration deadline is 1 August 2019.

Conditions of participation:

By completing and sending this document, I register for this dig-in-day on September 24, 2020 in Zurich. The registration is binding, in case of prevention the entire costs are owed, unless a substitute person is found. If the day does not take place, or if all seats are occupied, you will be notified immediately or by August 1, 2020.
*Members of EFT Couples Therapy Switzerland receive a reduction of CHF 50

About the Speaker

Alexine Thompson-de Benoit is an FSP Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from California, where she studied and worked for 12 years. Having returned to Switzerland 7 years ago, she mainly works as a ICEEFT certified therapist, supervisor and trainer.