EFT Switzerland Community

Our mission is to create a forum for professionals in Switzerland who work with couples and offer EFT therapies.
Through this forum we hope to achieve the following:
  • Support and coordination of a community of professionals interested in EFT.
  • Promotion of EFT in Switzerland by raising awareness among experts for this empirically validated therapy model.
  • Expansion of awareness of EFT through various events.
  • Training, supervision and support for professionals who (want to) practice EFT.
  • Establishment of an EFT centre to participate in EFT research.

Benefits of membership

be found by couples

  • EFT Switzerland will put you on the website of the Therapists Directory.
  • You get your own website:

Networking with colleagues

  • You will receive the newsletter of EFT Paartherapie Schweiz
  • Inclusion in the mailing list, where you can send questions, suggestions and publications to all participants
  • Information on and support for the formation of intervention groups

providing high quality therapy

  • Specialist exchange on specific topics
  • Access to training material

ICEEFT membership

Since we are not yet officially affiliated to ICEEFT, membership in ICEEFT must be applied for separately. This can be done directly on the ICEEFT page.