EFT Couple Therapy Membership Account

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The annual membership amounts to CHF 150 for 12 months, whereby CHF 100 (2x CHF 50) is credited as a discount for further training (supervision days, advanced days, core skills training, hold me tight, etc.).

Benefits of membership

be found by couples who seek help

  • EFT Switzerland will put you on the website of the Therapists Directory, which is visited over 100x a month
  • You get your own website:

Networking with colleagues

  • You will receive the newsletter of EFT Paartherapie Schweiz
  • Inclusion in the mailing list, where you can send questions, suggestions and publications to all participants
  • Information on and support for the formation of intervention groups

providing high quality therapy

  • Discount on trainings
  • Specialist exchange on specific topics
  • Access to training material