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January - April 2021: Online Supervision
29 - 30 May: Hold me tight Zurich
June 2021: Supervision day with Dimitrij Samoilow (fully booked)
June 2021: Core Skills 2021
3 - 4 July: Hold me tight Bern


Thurs, 25 February: Film evening
Tues., 23 March: Tango Refresher (will be postponed)
Thurs., 29 April: Case presentation
Thurs., 20 May: Film evening


Tues., 02 February: RISSSC
Mon., 15 February: Catching the Bullet
Thurs, 04 March: Seeding Attachment
Tue, 16 March: Enactments
Tues, 30 March: Unpacking Primary Emotions with the Chaser (to be postponed)
Mon, 12 April: Unpacking Primary Emotions with the Retractor
Tues, 27 April: Tango Move 1
Wed, 12 May: Tango Move 2
Tue, 25 May: Tango Move 3 (enactments)