Creating and Maintaining a Therapeutic Alliance

Which of the following promotes empathic attunement?

Bob turns away from Marie, crossing his arms and legs in a tight fashion, saying, “You just don’t understand.” Which of the following would most powerfully promote empathic attunement?


A client’s eyes well with tears as she describes the frustration she has in trying to reach out to her partner. What could a therapist do to promote empathic attunement?

The therapist infers that a husband is afraid of the intimacy that his wife is seeking, noting that he seems curious but proves hesitant when his wife pursues him. The husband withdraws in silence and pulls back from being involved in the session. How might the therapist respond in monitoring this change in the therapeutic relationship? What would you say?

. If the therapist offended the client, the therapist could respond to the client to minimize the rupture by saying: