Facilitating Acceptance

Check the answers below that you think are typical EFT therapist responses to the non-accepting reactions of the partner: (more than one correct answer)






  1. Write a brief statement demonstrating how you might reflect and validate Tammy’s
    non-acceptance (using validation and reflection).
  2. What might you say to help Tammy unfold her reaction, her experience of Ron?
    (­reflection, validation, empathic conjecture, and evocative responding).
  3. Use empathic conjecture and reframing to tie Tammy’s non-acceptance to both the
    negative cycle and her attachment experience.
  4. Tammy responds with: “This is too overwhelming for me right now. Yes, I’m angry,
    and I don’t really believe that he cares about me. He left me. I didn’t want him to
    leave.” Help Tammy formulate (own) her feelings and reactions and put them in an
    attachment context of her experience and needs.
  5. Having helped Tammy explore, unfold, and formulate her experience, now help her
    create an enactment for her to engage Ron in a new way.